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Compiling the basic vocabulary of the language is one of the main goals of lexicology studies. Lexicology is not only used as a general dictionary for native speakers of that language, but also interested in creating dictionaries for specific purposes in line with the definite goals (dictionary of proverbs and idioms, glossary of terms, thesaurus, antonym dictionary, collocation dictionaries and etc.)

When the studies conducted on Turkish vocabulary are reviewed, it can be obviously observed that there is a lack of study on both dictionaries with a general purpose and dictionaries with a specific purpose. On the other hand, collocation has become a frequently referred method in lexicology in order to decide priorities for language teaching in literature, particularly among the studies on corpus linguistics.

The aim of this study is to review lexeme that is formed as lexical entry and defined as adjective in terms of its collocations via basing upon a corpus based framework in Turkish vocabulary.

The present project has the property of being a pioneer in terms of its aim, scope, and method.

In this project, the goal is to make adjective based “corpus-review” of Current Turkish Dictionary (CTD) and determine collocations, which are important for language teaching in both native and foreign languages.

The expected outcomes of this project are as follows:

1. The syntactic features of adjectives which are widely used in languages and particularly in Turkish will be determined.
2. Semantic and syntactic corpus-review of adjectives will be conducted in CTD which includes Turkish vocabulary existence.
3. Concept areas will be identified in terms of adjective-noun and noun-adjective relations in Turkish.
4.  On the topic of Turkish’s teaching as first and foreign language, adjective-noun relationships and usage properties will be identified via frequency bases.
5. Basic data will be compiled for Turkish collocation dictionary.
6. In addition to frequency of adjectives’ uses and priorities on teaching language, frequency of nouns and their priorities on teaching language will be determined.
7. Adjectives’ relations and semantic features with nouns in vocabulary, as the parts of speech in CTD, will be defined.
8. The great number of data will be compiled for further studies on adjectives in Turkish, and the data will be presented for the other researchers in the virtual environment.




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